King’s Grant Golf & Country Club will be closed for renovations until the end of August 2020.

3DAG, LLC is investing over a million dollars into King’s Grant Golf & Country Club to make it the best golf course in Fayetteville. Most of the renovations have already started and all are expected to be completed by the end of August 2020. We will release more details about the renovations as the projects are started and/or completed. Listed below are the planned improvements.


1-Replacing the existing greens with TifEagle Ultradwarf Bermuda. We will be resurfacing and reshaping the greens back to their original sizes. The fringes will also be replaced with TifEagle Bermuda. We have begun chemically treating the existing greens and will be stripping them on June 15th through the 23rd. It will take roughly 2 weeks to till up 3x, refloat/reshape the new greens. On June 24th, Dalton Turf will be applying a soil sterilant to the greens and fringes. Starting June 25th through the 28th, KG staff will water on a cycle to activate the sterilant in the soil profile. On June 29th through July 3rd Dalton Turf will complete the green prep work. New Life Turf is expected to sprig the new grass on July 7th and 8th. We are planning for an 7-8 week grow-in on average. All 18 greens and the putting green will be affected. 

2- We will replace all the irrigation control units throughout the course, 14 in all and installing a new Central Link system so we can program watering cycles when it is not raining. ALL current irrigation heads around the greens will be replaced with new hybrid style adjustable heads. We will relocate current working heads from the greens and replace nonfunctioning heads throughout the golf course, so, in theory and practically, we can water the golf course.

3- We are rebuilding both our irrigation pumps, one at a time as well as adding variable staging to allow for improved efficiency and adding a smaller 5 hp pump to cycle the irrigation system up from idle to reduce blowouts and water hammer. This will reduce our water and electricity usage.

4- We will repair long time drainage issues such as the front, back and right of the green on hole #1, the area short of #5 green, (3 places) several areas on the 15th hole, just to name a few. Thousands of feet of new pipe will be laid while the greens grow in.

5-We purchased a multi-purpose VenTrac tractor to help with ditch bank mowing, rough and contour mowing.

6-At least 29,000ft 2 of tee box tops will be resodded, along with some barer areas around the course.

7-We will repair many broken cart paths and improve general landscaping as much as the budget will allow. 

*We hope to complete all the course improvements while the greens are growing in. We are planning for a late August return to play, weather and work permitting.


1-Complete remodel of the existing clubhouse to include new ceilings, flooring, indoor and outdoor paint, lighting.

2-Adding a new 14×60 deck facing the 13th hole and new volleyball courts. This allows for outdoor seating and potential storage for additional carts. 

3-Expanding the left side exterior to increase kitchen space, larger bathrooms with external access doors and larger storage room. This will allow Melissa more space for new equipment and working area to enhance menu options. 

4-A new bar area to serve both inside and outside on the deck. Our vision is to transform our snack bar to more of a member lounge with a great bar menu and drinks, with a side window/door access for easier pool service. 

5- We will improve the landscaping and walkways between the clubhouse and pool areas. 


*We resurfaced the pool completely

*We will repair and finish the existing cabana structure and add an outdoor TV. 

*We will install a new black aluminum fence with fresh landscaping. 

*We rebuilt the old tennis courts into 2 new sand volleyball courts. These are complete.

*If budget allows, we hope to build out a new amenity area behind the pool on the old parking area. 

We are super excited about the direction of Kings Grant. We intend to hold our current membership dues for at least a year. Anyone joining after June 31st will pay the new rates as well as an initiation fee. 

Please contact Melissa Monk via email about membership: